Hot & Cold – Removable Cover

Aromatherapy:100% Natural: Cinnamon, clove & eucalyptus

Imagine, after a long day, being able to put up your feet and slip on these warm & toasty herbal spa socks. Simply place in herbal insert into the microwave for 15 -20 seconds (or until it reaches the desired temperature) and sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the warmth, the coziness of the super soft material and the subtle soothing scent of cinnamon, clove & eucalyptus. Socks should be nice and warm, not blistering hot!

Are your dogs barking? Overheated? Swollen feet? Imagine how it would feel to put on these cool & invigorating herbal booties. Just put the herbal inserts in a large zip lock bag and leave in the fridge or freezer until you needed.